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To finally understand everything about the Pinel 2021 law

On paper, the principle of the Pinel 2021 law is simple. "It allows an individual who has purchased a new home for the purpose of renting, to benefit from a tax deduction proportional to the purchase price of the property and the time during which it will be rented," says Alexis Reigneron, heritage engineer, at Primonial. The tax exemption applies on 300.000 €, even if the housing cost you 500.000 € for example.

In addition, a ceiling of € 5,500 per square meter is in effect. Here too, if you buy a property at € 10,000 per square meter (€ 300,000 for a 30m2), the tax exemption will apply only on € 5,500 (€ 165,000, therefore).

zones loi pinel 2021

The property must be rented for 6, 9 or 12 years. The first nine years, a tax reduction corresponding to 2% of the investment, is applied annually. It increases to 1% in the last three years. The tax reduction will never exceed € 63,000 over 12 years. A tempting offer, but to take advantage of the loi pinel 2021 law, as we could refer on explication de la loi pinel en 2021, it must meet very specific criteria.

Rent and salary ceilings Loi Pinel 2021

At first, the property must be in a sector where the real estate market is said to be "tense". Eligible municipalities are classified into four zones. In addition to this constraint of place, other criteria are to be fulfilled, such as respecting a ceiling level of rents. "It varies according to the area where the housing is, explains Alexis Reigneron. For example in Paris, the price per square meter is capped at 16.83 €. "This price increases slightly depending on the size of the housing. Count around 505 € maximum rent for a 25 square meters in Paris. Note that "this cap is reviewed annually, says Son Descolonges, wealth manager at Kacius. The price of rent is therefore changing.

Loi Pinel 2021 and PTZ

Finally, the future tenant's income must not exceed a specific sum either. "This makes it easier to rent to a certain category of people, even if the limit is high enough to encompass a large part of the population," says Alexis Reigneron. The Territories have drawn up a grid with all the scenarios: married couple, with or without children ... For example, in Paris, a tenant living alone should not earn an annual income of more than € 37,126. " "This tenant can be an ascendant or a descendant, this is the great novelty of this law compared to previous," concludes Son Descolonges. Building your project with investissement locatif.

Finally, know that the government will change the above rules from January 1. The housing plan, broadly outlined on 20 September, plans to refocus the system to reserve it for the most tense areas. For zones B2 and C, it is better to hurry to complete your file. While being careful at the local market. If these cities are removed from the scheme, it is, a priori, because rental demand is not as strong as expected.